The band is run by a committee of members, each of whom deal with a specific part of the band’s administration. A list of these positions can be found below.


The Chair is in charge of the committee, runs our meetings and generally cracks the whip.
Current Chairman: Paul Miller


The Secretary handles the body of the administration for the band.
Current Secretary: Duncan Futter


Controls our accounts and writes the cheques!
Current Treasurer: Ken Fenner

Band Manager

The Band Manager’s role is chiefly to maintain good order at rehearsals and events.
Current Band Manager: Ray Fenner

Personnel Manager

Our personnel manager has to make sure that we have all the right players for each event we perform at.
Current Personnel Manager: Anna Murray

Events Manager

The Events Manager runs our gigs, makes sure we all know where we have to be and when, and liaises with people who book us.
Current Events Manager: Lynne Cole and Anna Murray

Contest Secretary

Contesting can be a complicated business, and our Contest Secretary makes sure that we’re all properly registered, that we pay our fees on time and generally adhere to all the contesting rules.
Current Contest Secretary: Margaret Herron

Social Secretary

Organises social events for band members.
Current Social Secretary: Anna Murray


Looks after our extensive library of music.
Current Librarians: Haley Gentle & Louise Young

Property Officer

Takes care of all our lovely equipment!
Current Property Officer: Duncan Futter

Training Band Representative

Represents the Training Band!
Current Training Band Representative: Audrey Murray