The band operates an “Open Door” policy, and as such all players are welcome. However, players for the contest band are chosen at the discretion of the Musical Director.

Front Row Cornets

Phill Thompson

Solo Cornet

Sean Gallagher

Solo Cornet

Back Row Cornets

Stuart Jones


Ben Taylor

Repiano Cornet

Ben's excellent style has been described as "relaxed" and elegant by Roger Webster

Alan Couch

2nd Cornet

Alan is one of our versatile multi-instrumentalists, always playing with exquisite tone and style

Haley Gentle

2nd Cornet

Gerard Farrell

3rd Cornet

Gerard's full rich tone brings out the harmonies that characterise a brass band


Mick Mayo

Solo Horn

Mick has been the powerhouse of the horn section for three years, previously being in the tuba section

Audrey Murray

1st Horn

Tom Pughe

Second Horn

Another environmental warrior in the band, Tom plays with great power and subtlety


Georgia White

First Baritone

Georgia has recently joined than band after a break from playing and we are excited about what she can bring to enhance the band

Ray Fenner

Second Baritone

Ray specialised on the Baritone and has been the Band Manager for six years


John Bunyan


John has been a specialist euphonium player for thirty years and is a published author


Ian Mann

Solo Trombone

Coaxed out of retirement!

Tom Dowling

2nd Trombone

Duncan Futter

Bass Trombone

Duncan provides the guts to the band sound, effortlessly creating the distinctive bass that defines a good brass band


John Ide

Eb Bass

One of our versatile players - equally at home on the trombone, tuba or baritone

Chris Aleeson

Eb Bass

Chris has recently joined the band to enhance the Eb bass line. A thunderous sound that creates a foundation for the band to rest upon

John Lee

Bb Bass

John has been the solid foundation of the band for many years.


Martin Hissey

Tympani and Untuned Percussion

Martin's drive on the tympani is legendary. He is a member of the Pandemonium Drummers who had such an iconic role in the London Olympics

Margaret Herron

Tuned and Untuned Percussion

Margaret's skills on tuned percussion is second to none. She provides colour and tone to the band in a subtle, nuanced manner